The body achieves what the mind believes and we at NIMS , Jaipur, believe every day is yet another chance to get stronger, to live healthier and to be the best version of yourself. The school gymnasium is well equipped with the world class instruments and 24 ×7 available coach guiding the students towards fitness. Regular training sessions are a highlight which keep the students upbeat.

Multi-Purpose Hall

The Multi-Purpose Hall, as the very name suggests, serves many purposes. It is where assemblies are conducted, Inter-House competitions are held, where school functions take place and it is where students get together for indoor Basketball and Badminton. The Multi-Purpose Hall is indeed the hub of school activities and a witness to various National level Sports and Cultural events.

Play Ground

As one walks into the school gates what catches the eye is the lush green playground with the splendid School Stadium that can seat almost 1000 spectators. Students get an opportunity for healthy, active, outdoor recreation and enjoy playing various games and mastering them under the guidance of trained and talented coaches

Tuck Inn

The most loved place at NIMS School Jaipur is the Tuck Inn, the school cafeteria. Good friends, good food, good times is our mantra. Students are served fresh and mouthwatering snacks and meals, prepared in the school kitchen under the supervision of a nutritionist. The staff is always there to make students feel at home with their warm smiles.


An infirmary under the supervision of a qualified doctor takes care of all medical emergencies. It is well equipped with beds and all medical facilities. Routine check- ups are conducted for students of all classes to ensure the physical and medical well- being of all the students.